Frequently Asked Questions


What is HoshinOnline?

HoshinOnline (HOL) is a cloud based, automated software for deploying strategy and integrated project management on a social networking (internal to your company) style easy to use platform.

Who in my company can use the system?

Usually senior leaders in a company use this and those who are inspired to work “on the business” than just “in the business”.

Where does the name come from?

Hoshin Kanri is a Japanese phrase.

Hoshin means: Direction / Compass and Kanri means: Management.

It is a proven system used and popularized by many LEAN companies like Toyota. Traditional system requires a lot of manual documentation which is quite tedious to maintain. Combined the power of Hoshin Kanri process and SAAS (Software as a service on the Cloud) is HoshinOnline. This online system automates the documentation and makes it easy and intuitive.

How long does it take me to implement HoshinOnline?

You could be up and running in a few days. No need to install anything. You need to enter goals, strategies and key initiatives to start using the systems. Also, need to set up the organization structure and user permissions as needed.

Pricing and Licensing

How much does HoshinOnline cost?

We make pricing for our standard plans available at our Pricing page.
If you need something that falls outside these plans, please contact us.

Do I qualify for a complementary account?

To learn more about qualification requirements and restrictions please contact us.

Can I try it out?

Absolutely – we want you to be sure that HoshinOnline fits your organization and will help solve the problems you’re facing around product content. Every account comes with a Free 15-Day Trial. We’ll help you throughout the trial to make sure that you get any questions answered.

Who can see my content?

You – and you alone – decide who you share your content with. You retain exclusive rights to any content you create.

What happens to my content if I want to stop using HoshinOnline?

You can download a backup of your content at any time, through our UI or through our API. As you use HoshinOnline, your content will get better and better – and we make sure that you have access to it at any point.


What sort of security do you have?

All data sent to or received from HoshinOnline is encrypted using the same technology you use to communicate with your bank, and because of that we are trusted by some of the largest companies in the world. You can lock down what individual users and groups within your organization have access to edit.

That said, you shouldn’t store sensitive information such as social security numbers, medical information, or nuclear launch codes in HoshinOnline (also: why would you?).

What sort of backup and recovery systems are in place?

In the event of a major catastrophic event, we keep up-to-the-minute hot backups that we can use to restore the entire system. In addition, we recommend that all our customers keep their own copies of their data which can be managed directly inside HoshinOnline.

Do you have a planned number of product releases?

Generally we “release” a new version of the product two times a month. The releases most often contain minor enhancements requested by specific customers or minor bug fixes, but they also sometimes contain major feature enhancements that we’ve been working on for months. In certain cases, we will roll feature enhancements out for general usage, and in other cases these may only be turned on for beta testers. In either case, we do not require work on our users’ part to take advantage of new features. We communicate these changes through our monthly product newsletter that is sent out to all customers.

Do we have to do any upgrades?

Nope! In fact, a major benefit to you in using a cloud-based system like HoshinOnline is that there is nothing special you have to do to get access to the new features that we’re constantly working on; they’ll just be there the next time you log in.

How can I get support when I need help?

There are several ways to get support. While our Online Help module is a great resource to get your questions answered, you can contact us via email at or call us at (800)808-6579.