How does it work?

HoshinOnline follows a cloud based approach where you have nothing to install or upgrade and associated headaches. The system uses the elastic load balancing approach to handle the load of tasks assigned and a host of users interacting with it. The confluence and the power to collaborate on the plan, strategies and actions in an online environment is what HoshinOnline is all about.

Some simple facts that we think would help you understand how it works.

1. Deployed using a cloud based approach.

The application is deployed in a central location on the cloud using the deploy once and forget next strategy. Any number of users and locations to be added for which there is no additional deployment either on the user's system or the location offices.

2. More users getting added to the system or complex tasks are handled seamlessly by the application based on the advanced load balancing factors that come with the cloud based technology approaches.

3. The application is not tied to your computer or your mobile. You can use it from any machine that has a browser and a connection to the internet, which means you could be at a party and check the progress of your plan from your friend's “ on demand leased “mobile.

4. Features and customizations get added seamlessly which means they are available to you, the moment you are notified about it.

5. Your data does not get lost if your systems crash, as data is securely held centrally in the cloud network with timely backups.

For more information on how HoshinOnline works, please drop in a request using the Contact Form for a demo or have one of our program managers get in touch with you.