Introducing HoshinOnline

HoshinOnline is a SaaS application for Hoshin Kanri rollout and project collaboration. This tool automates the creation and maintenance of documentation required for effective policy deployment. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Automated system that links corporate strategies and priorities cascading deployed Hoshins and Key Metrics through all levels and divisions seamlessly and simply
  • Eliminates the time needed to maintain & synchronize off-line spreadsheets & documents
  • User friendly, secured (https://) and easy to access from anywhere with internet connection
  • Multiple value streams, business units and departments can be synchronized with ease.
  • Automatic level 2 (PD2) generation - saves a lot of time.
  • Deploys the Key Metrics and KPI’s tracking progress and improvements on all measures
  • Management dashboard for quick view, alerts and highlights in real time
  • Collaboration features - status updates/Email Alerts
  • Root cause analysis, Countermeasures and A3 (Future release)

Some of the advantages of HOL over manual method of trying to keep track of hoshin using basic excel or other software are:

  1. One version of truth. Version control is a pain with old excel method. Copies of excel documents will be sitting in emails and other folders.
  2. Last modified by and Last modified date and time. In Excel there is limited capability to track who changed what and when
  3. Email alerts and project management features like follow up alerts.
  4. Accessibility from anywhere using any device. You can access and update tasks using mobile phone from anywhere with internet connection.
  5. One of the major challenges of implementing hoshin kanri is weak documentation. HoshinOnline automatically maintains all hoshin documents in sync and updated at all the times. (PD1, PD2, PM1 etc).
  6. KPI, Bowler charts, Dashboard and graphs.
  7. Reduces the overhead time and effort required to keep track of hoshin documentation.
  8. Within our current customer base, HoshinOnline has proven to be more effective than Excel based offline approach due to social networking style of user engagement and collaboration.