What we offer?

HoshinOnline is an easy to use online solution for a LEAN hoshin kanri roll-out and project collaboration. We offer a customized approach to make life easy with automation based on inputs from industry users. Here are some of the features that make our software rich.

Anytime Anywhere access.

Hoshin Online is a web application deployed from a computed cloud environment. This also means, it can be accessed from anywhere using any web browser.

Easy Navigation

Even though the plans that are developed using our software may look complex, navigating and maintenance of the various tasks and progress status is easy as HoshinOnline is designed upfront for ease of use.

Real time Updates

Real time tasks updates can be easily managed independently by users. This also results in immediate update of all dependent documents and project plans.

The motive of HoshinOnline has been to bring all the charts and deployment levels be it Level 1 or 2 to be easily navigated on your computer screen. Added to the assortment of features is a special GridView for easy visualization.

Centralized Status Reporting

Our motto is to bring all users to the same planning table and have the same level of understanding on the progress therein, be it corporate or local hoshins. A centralized approach of the application helps users to be on the same page regardless of where they would be working from.

To view task level details and resource allocation from a central location that is evenly distributed to their computer or mobile screens, HoshinOnline makes it easy for users to view it anytime on a web browser without depending on other project management or spreadsheets software. It is an one time software solution to your planning and process needs using the lean hoshin kanri way of project management.

Real time Planning

Keeps everyone up to speed on what is happening in the organization at all times. There is no need to wait till monthly or quarterly meetings to have a look at the status.

And lots more refinements possible to be customized as per your requirements.