Why do you need it?

Powerful, easy to use software which saves you a ton of time and make hoshin roll-out more fun and intuitive.

The software guides the direction as to where the plan is headed enabling users to correct the plan instantaneously.

HoshinOnline meets the needs of Enterprises that work with Hoshin

HoshinOnline brings the the power of Hoshin Kanri to the web. There is practically nothing for the user to install. All you need is a web browser to manage your Hoshin plan from anywhere in the world. It is ideally suited for organizations with geographically displaced team members sitting in departments spread across locations. It manages the planning process so your users can converge and confluence on the plan content.

We understand that business or strategic planning process is vital to the success of an organization and which helps focus and link activities throughout the enterprise.

Great plans fail simply because the mechanisms to track progress and achieve results are missing, or as in some cases there is a lack of collaboration across the user community forums. The lack of structured process in the planning also contributes to failure. Regular review and corrections on a common dashboard visible to all stakeholders to the plan and the resultant goals are built into the HoshinOnline core.

HoshinOnline is vital to clear the cobwebs from your thinking of asserting plans to streamline your organization processes that help achieve the enterprise goals. It is a one stop point to look for the progress of your business plans and monitor them and thereby get insights as to where the organization is heading.

HoshinOnline provides a way to track and file documents efficiently and deploy key objectives.

Key Benefits:

Your plan becomes a living document where people from various departments that matter breathe life into it through our channels.

Helps collaborate and communicate on your plan with key personnel from your globalized offices.

Management can quickly identify areas falling behind in the plan by using the status flags.

An updated plan and visibility helps employees to accomplish milestones.

Problems can be foreseen and corrected using the software's integrated corrective action.

HoshinOnline's custom taxonomy helps to keep the terms you are comfortable with.

HoshinOnline's mission is to reduce the overhead associated with managing your plan.

The best way to see if HoshinOnline is right for your organization is to create a Free Trial subscription.